Pre- K4+ &  Kindergarten thru Level 8           

 All Parish Children are encouraged to attend Religious Education Classes.  It helps our children grow in the knowledge of the Catholic faith as well as deepen their relationship with God and the Church.   Registration for Religious Education class begins in April and continues through to September.  Classes start in September and continue through to April of the following year.  From 6:30pm to 7:40pm on Wednesday evenings, classes meet on a weekly basis.  We break open the Word with wonderful teachers who have volunteered their time to share the teachings of our faith and be witnesses to the faith for our children.  Caring, nurturing and spiritual men and women conduct our classes.  Parent Handbooks are available to get more information on Religious Education, curriculum, and program policies. 
The Religious Education fee is $70.00 for one Child and $130.00 for two or more Children.


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